Demigender ('demi' is a french prefix meaning"half" or "lesser" ) is a gender identity in which one feels a partial connection to a certain gender or genders, or to the concept of gender, and may identify partially, but not wholly, with a certain gender or genders. It is an umbrella term for other identities, such as demiboy, demigirl, deminonbinary, demiagender, demifluid, and more. It is also considered both a transgender and non-binary identity. However, not all demigender individuals may identify with the one or both of those labels.

The Flag[edit | edit source]

The colors for the demigender flag are dark gray, then light gray, then light yellow, white, back to light yellow, light gray, and dark gray.

The greys of the demi- flags represent the partial connection and the gray areas, the yellow represents non-binary gender identities, and the white represents agender identity.

Demigender Identities[edit | edit source]

  • Demiboy: Partially identifying as a man (or otherwise masculine)
  • Demigirl: Partially identifying as a woman (or otherwise feminine)
  • Deminonbinary: Partially identifying as non-binary
  • Demifluid: One's gender partially being fluid, while another part is static
  • Demiflux: One's gender partially being fluid, while another part is static. Different from demiflux as -flux implies that one of the genders is neutral/agender.
  • Demiagender: Partially identifying as agender.
  • Demineutrois: Partially identifying as neutrois.
  • Demigender: Partially identifying as non-binary and male and female
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